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Eliminate Vitiligo While Super-Charging Your Immune System and Enjoying Mouth Watering Meals With A Unique Set of Daily Menus, 14 Day Meal Plans, 150 Tasty Recipes and Secret Cooking Tips!

The diet recommended to patients with Vitiligo and other auto-immune skin disorders can be severely restricted to many of the foods we find enjoyable. While Vitiligo sufferers grasp the logic behind these must have dietary principles, many are faced with simple questions such as "what can I eat?" "Is there a daily meal plan I can follow that adheres to these anti-vitiligo principles but does not take the pleasure out of life?"

In my new and comprehensive Complete Vitiligo Cookbook (TM) I have addressed this exact dietary challenges while always keeping you, the Vitiligo sufferer in mind. I wanted to make your nutritional journey as painless and fool-proof as possible I have completely eliminated your meal plan guesswork once and for all... In this comprehensive edition of the Complete Vitiligo Cookbook(TM), you will find invaluable meal plans, special information about organic foods, shortcuts for preparing meals, special cooking tips, instructions on how to shop for Vitiligo diets, and information on how to travel and eat in restaurants while adhering to the Vitiligo dietary principles.

The book also contains over 150 tasty recipes, mainly vegetarian a few fish and poultry all of them are corn free, potato free and wheat free from appetizers to desserts. I have focused mainly on what you can eat rather than what must be eliminated. The delicious recipes that I have perfected in more than 12 years of experience as a nutritionist and health consultant are healing soothing, and are easily digestible for people on restricted diets.

Hers is a small sample of what you will find in The Complete Vitiligo Cookbook™:

Over 150 Vitiligo Free Recipes From Appetizers to Desserts

Unique Anti-VitiligoDaily Menus & 14 Day Meal Plans

Special Food Combining Principles For Fighting Vitiligo and other auto-immune skin disorders

Five Principles of Anti-Vitiligo Meal Planning

Powerful Time, Money and Energy Saving Ideas

Organic Food Buying Guidelines You Must Know

Awesome Food Substitutions Charts For Enhancing Your Immunity

And Much Much More...

The Complete Vitiligo Cookbook™ Success Story:
Melissa Darlington

"The Complete Vitiligo Cookbook really helped me put the Vitiligo Miracle plan into action and I seriously doubt I could succeed to eliminate the vitiligo on my hands and feet if it wasn't for this remarkable book!"

"Dear David, 2 months ago I have ordered your wonderful Vitiligo Cookbook guide along with the main Vitiligo Miracle book and I'm so glad I did. I suffered from moderate vitiligo on my hands and feet. The clear writing, the step by step meal plans and charts, the obligatory menus, the dietary guidelines and the food choices were a REAL eye opener, not to mention the mouthwatering recipes. The Complete Vitiligo Cookbook really helped me put the Vitiligo Miracle plan into action and I seriously doubt I could succeed to eliminate the vitiligo on my hands and feet if it wasn't for this remarkable book!
God bless you!"

--  Melissa Darlington
(Manchester, UK)

The Complete Vitiligo Cookbook (TM) is the perfect complement to the Vitiligo Miracle program and it also contains new and never before released information about how to eliminate Vitiligo and other auto-immune skin disorders permanently and prevent their recurrence quickly and naturally!

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